10 February 2013

Whole School Assemblies - a precious part of our culture

I love our Assemblies!

Assembly occurs every Friday morning in the Central Covered Games Area and involves every student and every teacher (unless they are at swimming lessons!) It's the one time of the week when we all get together in one place and celebrate our learning journeys.

Our Assemblies are full of colour and fun. They are not the time of the week when we use the opportunity of everyone being together to have growl - although sometimes there are some messages that everyone needs to think about!

Our Assemblies are a time when students get to practice appropriate audience behaviour - we teach these skills explicitly and expect every child to demonstrate them. And they do this very well - although I long for the day when they can all stand QUIETLY for the Anthem!

The items from the classes are always wonderful - the Preps are usually colourful and very cute and command much attention. The Year 7s usually manage to make everyone laugh and then occasionally, we have a student steal the show (like last week) with her stage presence and skill in commanding a large audience of wrigglers! The items classes present are entertaining and also often focus on a point of interest about out school - for example, this year already we've seen skits on using the Take 5 and on our Code of Cooperation and getting along in the playground.

Assemblies are a time when we celebrate the successes of our students - in sport (both individually and in teams), in music and in any other area of endeavour. I love to see kids really appreciate the achievements of others - as we did last Friday with our record breaking swimming students from the 2012 Swimming Carnival.

I love that parents come along - and when they walk up the pathway afterwards everyone is smiling.

We also acknowledge Country - a very important tradition for all gatherings in Australia, and we proudly sing our Anthem - both verses! We learn a lot from all being together at least once a week - over the last few years as we have grown from 264 students in 2010 to 464 students in 2011 to 511 students in 2012 to a record breaking 712 students in 2013, I've watched all the space in our Central Covered Games Area gradually disappear under a sea of uniforms. But I'm determined we will continue to meet altogether once a week and somehow find a way to make all those bottoms fit!

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