23 August 2013

Reading around the universe

This morning our school was taken over by aliens, out-of-space air craft, Princess Leias, space bugs, fairies and all manner of characters not of this earth. The colour in the school was astonishing as students (and staff) swished around in glitter, bright wigs, foil, pipe cleaners, boxes and coloured capes.

It's the Assembly of the year and who would want to miss it!

Maree Johnson, our Teacher-Librarian, opened Assembly looking - and walking -  like she had just exited Apollo 1. Our Reading Stars were awarded certificates and book marks. Our resident author Jacquie Christie, presented a copy of Alphabet Animals to one lucky student whose name was drawn from a raffle. The Junior Singers sang beautifully (while being conducted by Darth Vader, also known as Sofia Hobson!)

The main feature though was a story written and told by Year 6 teacher, Pete Schumacher, and illustrated during the telling by Year 4 teacher, Joel Hughes.

735 students, parents, grandparents, toddlers and other family and community members watched on as a story of colour and light, happiness and laughter, living and learning unfolded before their eyes. The finale included Year 4 teacher, Simon Thomas, singing 'Walk like a Peregian' (a take off of 'Walk like an Egyptian' - for those who weren't there).  Apart from being very funny, he sang a song of our values and pride in our school - and what you have to do to 'walk' like a Peregian.

The teamwork, time and effort that went into today's Assembly cannot be underestimated - our children are so lucky to have such dedicated and talented staff who just enjoy making learning fun. (Personally, I think they just enjoy a chance to dress up!)

What on earth are we going to do next year? We've already reached out into the universe! Lucky we have 12 months to think about it...

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