18 June 2014

School photo day...such excitment over having your picture taken!

Last week was the annual school photos event. There was such excitement everywhere about having your photo taken. All the classes looked fantastic as they marched up to the Indoor Sports Centre - checked shirts, hair combed, ribbons and bows in school colours, and black shoes. Teachers all over the school were checking each member of their class for sticky up hair and shirt collars, dirty knees and odd socks. Teachers were all dressed up too. One said to me 'I've got make up on for two days in a row!' And another turned up in a tie and dinner suit! (I saw him later in the day and he had ditched the tie and rolled up his sleeves!)

Thursday morning was staff photo time - the kids were disappointed they couldn't watch. Up until this year staff photos have been done in the middle of the oval with all the kids looking on and laughing. Last year my heels sank into the boggy grass and my hair blew everywhere and I said to Mrs Cathcart, 'please organise an alternative for next year'. So we built the Sports Centre! The photographers lined us up and I had to sit down the front and in the middle - as usual. All the tall men stood in a group behind me. We definitely need to break with tradition next year - I'm going to stand up at the back!

This year the photographers allowed the classes to have a fun photo, as well as the more serious traditional class photo. Some of these are gorgeous - actually all of them are! I think we need to reverse the trend of spit and polish for photo day and include more waggley ears and sticky out tongues. 

Sometimes we take ourselves far too seriously!

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