20 February 2015

It's wet weather lunch...

It's the message that strikes cold fear through a teacher's chest - 'Good morning, everyone. It's wet weather lunch today.' says Dave at his cheery best.

Some say there's nothing worse than indoor play with 25 or more children - especially for the second day running. Others launch into the staff room craving a coffee and adult conversation. The kids, however, seem to love it!

As I walk around at lunch time checking no one has sailed away on our oval I see kids lying back watching movies, playing board games quietly, completing homework, reading books in the corner and generally whiling away the time in a very relaxed mode. It's certainly a change of pace from rushing about in a game of tiggy or smashing a handball down in the latest round.

'Ms Sands, can we have wet play next week?' one brave soul asks me. I see the teacher paling at the gills and have a quiet laugh to myself!

Happy wet weekend, everyone.

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