08 May 2015

Gwen...you're in the paper

I walked into the staff room at lunch time the other day and one of the teachers leaned back over her chair and said 'Gwen... you're in the paper'. My heart lurched instantaneously until I saw her smiling and realised it was all good. The idea of suddenly 'being in the paper' is enough to give any Principal a start - and not necessarily a good one!

Then that night my phone started pinging off and I received a load of messages along the lines of 'You should see what they are saying about our school on Facebook!' Arghhhh! That was enough to send me off looking for something stronger than my cup of after dinner tea!

I almost didn't want to look. Facebook commentary strikes the 'fear of God' through every Principal and teacher across the land, across the world probably.

Anyway, I sighed and took a deep breath and opened it up - and there it was. 'What's the public school in the springs like?'

And then... affirmation after affirmation about our creative community-minded school and it's brilliant teachers and child-focused supportive processes.

 I waited... because that's the thing with social media - there's always an alternative view, perhaps a controversial one which then gets everyone going. This is especially prevalent on the pages of the media. But no, an hour or so later people were still happy. A day or so later...still happy.

And right at the bottom, a note - 'someone should show Gwen Sands this'.

They did, Libby - thank you.

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