28 August 2015

What really matters...

 All Principals of Independent Public Schools were called into Central Office this week and while everyone was enjoying the Book Week Assembly I listened to a lot of things about School Reviews and inputs and outputs and NAPLAN and outcomes and a bit more about reviews... Hmmm.... Not the most riveting of material.

It got me thinking about what matters, and about what really matters. And it's kids that matter, and it's what they are learning that really matters.

Last week one of our teachers told me that while on duty he had observed Bradley in tears on the ball courts. He saw that Jenny and Suzy had just spoken to him so he asked them what had happened before he then spoke with Bradley himself. Jenny told him that Bradley had been left out of the boy's soccer game because they had even teams already and didn’t want uneven teams. (This seemed a bit mean but to be fair to the boys, Bradley was playing a different game before wanting to join their game). Before the teacher could even say anything in an attempt to resolve the situation – Suzy pipes up and says, 'Maybe I should offer to play too; that way there’d be even teams?' So, off the girls went, called Bradley over, joined the game and everyone was happy.

This is what really matters. We are teaching kids to solve problems peacefully, to walk in the shoes of others, to be inclusive. And every day we see they are getting it.

This kind of learning leaves inputs, outputs and reviews for dead!

(I've changed the names but I bet these lovely kids could identify themselves if they read this.)

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