14 August 2015

Only in the Springs...

I called into the pharmacy on the way home this afternoon, and as I'm paying for my items Pete Ashenden, the community-minded pharmacist at LiveLife, said 'Oh, Gwen - I was just going to ring you - we've run a raffle on the school's behalf. I'm sorry we didn't tell you!'

 'And you are apologising??!!' I was a bit baffled.

'Well,' he said, 'we probably should have told you - we'll send a cheque to the school - it's not much - about $350.'

I drove home with a smile on my face - I mean, where else do people open their hearts with such generosity and just send you $350 without batting an eyelid?

Thanks, Pete. Your thoughtfulness will be put to good use in our school and will benefit our kids and their families.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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