22 October 2016

Activism starts early

There's one thing that gives me hope for the future... and that is
  1. kids these days seem to instinctively know that they have a voice
  2. their teachers encourage them to use it
I remember when I was in Year 6 and Mr Williamson set us a task at the end of the school year which included a presentation to the class. The task was to pick something you want to know about, research it, and find a way to communicate what you find out to the class.

At the time Melbourne was in the throws of a really serious drought. The dams were drying up and there was no rain in sight. The media were imploring citizens to save water, and I remember asking Mum what we had to do to save water - it was the ideal topic for my research. To cut a long story short, I wrote to the Ringwood Croydon Mail and was interviewed by a journalist. It was all very exciting for my family. Mum was so proud she kept six copies of the paper (which I am now the proud owner of!)

These days kids are writing to all kinds of movers and shakers demanding social and environmental change.

Recently, Maeve in 2M has written eloquently to every single local, state and federal politician imploring them to act on behalf of the environment. And to their credit they have all replied and she has rushed excitedly to the office so we can read the letters together. We are both actually learning so much about what steps are being taken to lessen human impact on the environment in Australia.

The future is in the hands of our youngsters; let's ensure they have to tools and the voice to make the difference that's needed.

(By the way, it rained the day my article was published in the Ringwood Croydon Mail!)

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