16 May 2014

Our children are so very lucky!

Today I collected the keys for our new Indoor Sports Centre and the two new classrooms underneath. It was quite overwhelming to see this wonderful facility finished and ready for kids to learn in. The builders proudly took Cam (our PE teacher), Mark (our School's Officer), Jill (our Business Services Manager) and I for a tour. We were all smiling from ear to ear!

The facility is beautiful! Just beautiful!

It's big and bright and airy. It has amazing sound proofing on the walls for acoustics - I couldn't stop touching it!) It has properly installed automatic basketball hoops - it has an international standards rating.  Yes, we could actually host an international basketball carnival in our very own Sports Centre. The space is aerated with massive fans (there is a rude name for these!). There's a kitchen and very generous amenities.

The classrooms underneath are stunning - long rooms with muted colours just screaming out for colourful art works; tinted windows and air conditioning (yes, air conditioning! I'm now conducting an auction at Staff Meetings for teachers wanting to move to these rooms!)

We can move in on Monday.

A friend of mine recently spent seven weeks working in Tanzania and spent most of that time in classrooms with children who walk up to an hour each way just to go to school.

I wonder if our children realise how very lucky they are?

Image courtesy of Africa Geographic

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  1. You are so right Gwen. Our kids are so lucky. I can't wait to see the new building when I come back to the school.