14 March 2015

Developing a sense of independence and achievement - by riding, scooting or skating to school

I remember the first time I rode my bike to school - 3km along a busy main road, in the gate and down to the bike racks. I was about 9 years old and I stalked off to class feeling on top of the world.

You can't buy that feeling of independence and achievement but as humans when we experience it we want more and more of it. And riding to school with a group of friends is a way to get it. I'm not suggesting kids ride down the David Low Way or the Motorway to get to school! (What were my parent's thinking?). The majority of our kids live on a safe estate where nearly everyone drives slowly and looks out for them. It's the perfect environment for parents to allow children to stretch their wings (and their legs) and increase their child's sense of achievement and purpose.

And if nothing else, a ride to school in the morning will fill their lungs with oxygen ensuring a clear head for the start of a busy school day.

Hands up if you rode, scooted, skated, car pooled walked or bussed to school today?

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