20 April 2015

A child's eye view

I love receiving emails and correspondence from children. Their questions and observations about life at school always shed interesting perspectives - they offer a child's eye view, you might say.

In the holidays I received an email from Charlie: -

Firstly I was excited that Charlie was getting so much enjoyment from his learning he wanted to continue it in the holidays! And secondly, I thought the 'LOVE Charlie' bit was a nice touch.

I replied straight away:-

And then a few hours later I received an email from his Mum:-

I think she must have been a little embarrassed at his 'audacity', and in her haste to reply didn't check the spelling of her name! (No, I didn't change it to protect the innocent.) However, I thought hearing from Charlie was great - I love his 'front', his directness and his initiative. And I couldn't stop laughing about the lessons he was about to get in capital letters, full stops and the protocol of sending the Principal emails from his Mum's account using her iPad! I'm still giggling about this actually.

I saw Charlie at school today and he thanked me for the reply. I said 'I hope you didn't get in trouble for writing that. I liked hearing from you.'

'Oh, I didn't write it' he said. 'I got my brother to do it and I just told him what to say.' Hmmmmm, seems like the wrong child got the lessons on capitals and full stops.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from Charlie and his brother about their views on iPads for learning. I'm sure there will be other pearls of wisdom that will have me giggling away at my Inbox.

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