04 December 2017

There's a new kind of learning going on

Much has been made of 'child centered' learning over the years stretching from the teaching of Jerome Bruner in the sixties right through to the recent work of Sugata Mitra. But it's when you see it in action you realise the power of students solving real life problems, using technology to generate possibilities and research what others have done, truly get engaged in high level learning thought to be beyond Year 3s, and producing atefacts and work samples that have quality and lasting value.

It's teaching at it's best when the teacher puts teaching analysis and evaluation at the heart of the work. At the end of the day it isn't about the building, creating or making. It's about the problem solving - doing something useful with paper, technology or a device that can be applied to our lives.

Such is the work of 3T this year. It has been truly inpiring.

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