06 December 2017

Why I love my job...

It's not a job, it's actually a calling - a bit sappy maybe, but true. Parts of the job can be mundane, boring even. Things like Strategic Plans, budgets, balancing the books, wet Year 5 and 6 camps, and disgruntled customers isn't what gets me up in the morning.

I love my job because I get to see the wonder of learning on kids' faces and the feeling of pride they show in being part of a group. And then there's the Prep Christmas Songs at the local retirement village...

The sheer exuberance on the faces of our children and the joyful smiles of the residences was a sight to behold. It was so worth 'playing hookey' for an hour and getting away from planning, bills and end of year nonsense. Thank you, Preps - this is why I love my job!

Disclaimer: some classes are not represented in the photos due to media permissions for children

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